The foundation

In the year of its foundation, Futurete starts out as a small company, born from the passion for coffee and the know-how in the field of metalworking. Its activity begins by the repairing, assistance and maintenance of coffee machines, and the development of the first coffee machine model – E80 (compact and 2 Groups).


Thanks to the technical know-how of our founders, Futurete creates the first iconic brand’s models – Platinium, Piccolina and Oberon, in result of a thorough design and construction process.


As a result of the brand’s consolidation in the sector, Futurete begins its international expansion with customers from different continents. With the internationalization, there is also the need to create new products, and for this reason, the production and commercialization of the Elite model begins.


Following the competitive analysis of the market, the first Futurete grinder – D64 is launched, differentiating itself of others from the market by the independent shafts (engine and burrs). Currently, Futurete is the only Portuguese company to offer high specificity coffee grinders.


A integração no Grupo Bel

Futurete is acquired by Bel Group, continuing its operation based on the same values of quality and rigor it has always worked and renewing its commitment to the creation of exclusive premium products.


Committed and dedicated to satisfying the most demanding customers, Futurete develops the Bela model, a digital machine of two groups, Tall Cup, with PID control,  more advanced technology and modern design, and quite different from previous models.


By participating in the most important exhibitions in the coffee sector, focused in internationalization, we have consolidated our commercial position in the “four corners of the world”.


The new commercial partnerships, created the need to develop the Horizont model in response to the growing demands of the markets. It is the first compact model, Tall Cup with option of water tank, having a modern design and simple operation and with world-class recognized brand components.


The objective is to continue to create, design, manufacture, commercialize and export high quality coffee machines and grinders, as long as staying committed to satisfy the most demanding customers, by maintaining the high quality and resistance requirements that Futurete has always worked by over the years.