Horizont Compact


Responding to the needs of new markets, we designed the first tall cup compact model, with two steam taps and an automatic/digital water tap, plus the possibility of placing a water tank (perhaps the only 2 groups machine in the world with tank). With an attractive design, the simplicity of its lines, gave rise to a modern, functional equipment with the same quality of Futurete.

  1. Tall cups
  2. Digital coffee dose control
  3. Automatic group cleaning
  4. Opcional – 3 liters water tank
  5. Opcional – Digital water control
  6. Temperature control by pressostat
  7. Steam pipes with cleaning tip
  8. Cool touch stainless steel steam pipes
  9. Dual scale manometer
  10. Stainless steel interior structure
  11. Copper boiler with 1.5 mm thickness, with internal and external welding (greater resistance to limestone correction)
  12. All copper and brass inner tubing, resistant to technical handling
  13. Easy access side panels
  14. Custom top and bottom panels
  15. Level supports