Its elegant design and the possibility of being customizable, makes “A Bela” the ideal partner, to complete your space of excellence. The high production standards are combined with the specificity of the coffee, extracting all the legacy of its origin, resulting in an espresso of unparalleled quality cup after cup.

  1. Tall cups
  2. Temperature control on keyboard (PID/Display)
  3. Optional – Led Illumination on work panel
  4. Digital coffee dose control
  5. Pre infusion (ON/OFF)
  6. Automatic group cleaning
  7. Steam pipes with cleaning tip
  8. Cool touch stainless steel steam pipes
  9. Dual scale manometer
  10. Stainless steel interior structure
  11. Copper boiler with 1.5 mm thickness, with internal and external welding (greater resistance to limestone correction)
  12. All copper and brass inner tubing, resistant to constant technical handling
  13. Easy access side panels
  14. Custom side and rear panels
  15. Customizable outer tubular structure
  16. Level supports