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Currently, Futurete has more than thirty years of experience, starting as a small company founded by two partners - Manuel Marques and Luís Grade - united by their passion for coffee and their knowledge in the mechanical engineering field, which allowed them to start by repairing coffee machines and providing technical support in the sector.

In the following years, Manuel Marques began a new phase for the company, starting by designing the moulds to produce their own coffee machines. The first iconic models of the brand were born - the Platinium, the Piccolina and the Oberon - as a result of a thorough design and construction process.

With the increasing experience and its consolidation in the sector, Futurete began its international expansion with a wide portfolio of clients from countries such as Brazil, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, United States, among others.

With the internationalisation also came new products, namely the brand's first models of grinder-dosers, making it to this date the only company in Portugal to offer this type of product with such a high specification.

In 2015, Futurete became part of the Bel Group, a company that maintains the same base values of quality and accuracy with which Futurete has always worked with, renewing the commitment to the creation of exclusive premium products and a personalised after-sales service.

Today, Futurete is proud to be the only industrial company in Portugal to idealise, design, fabricate, assemble, sell and export superior quality coffee machines and grinder-dosers, determined to satisfy the most demanding costumers and providing a unique experience for coffee lovers.